Large canvas prints are now the trend when it comes to interior designs. Gone are the days when you only need to put your photos on a frame and simply place them on your drawer or table. Now, with the help of canvasses, there is now a better way to showcase your photos especially if you hang them.

Whether the reason is that you just simply want to decorate your very own studio or you want to execute effective marketing ads for your business, it is always important to create powerful medium so your message or your idea can come across.

Making a gallery canvas:

One of the most effective ways to do so is to make your very own gallery of canvas wraps. With Canvas N Décor, you will be able to create stunning and breathtaking works of art that will best complement your home or your business:

  • Printing of canvas.

This is the first part of course where you prepare the canvas for your gallery. This is where you choose your ideal size of prints.

  • Lining of the canvas

This is where your canvas down facing up so can lay now your stretcher bars. This is to ensure that your canvas is straight and centered.

  • Flipping the canvas

Here, the corner of the canvas is already lined up together with the marks where it is then exactly lined up.

  • Perfecting the corners

This is where you cut off any canvas excess from its edges so it can perfectly fit. This should be done on all fours.

  •  Trim and hang the canvas

This is where you can actually see the end product. After the corners have been tacked properly down and the excesses are cut off, this is where the canvas prints are ready to be hanged and appreciated by many.