Printing your digital photo whether it was saved form your phone, laptops, or memory cards of your camera is so exciting and amazing! There is nothing quite like the feeling of seeing your own photography astonishingly and beautifully printed on a display of your home or even in your office.

There are a variety of great and amazing products you can print your photos on, and we want you to focus on how canvas prints are being printed.

This is the right place for you to check how the production is being processed in canvas printing.

  • Uploading your digital photo is the very first step. You need to choose the best photo you want to be printed. Moreover, you also need to consider two things when choosing a photo; first is the minimum image size, this means that if you want to get first-class printing results you need to choose images/photos with a high resolution or what we called pixel counts to make it possible. Second is the file format, for better canvas printing your photos must be in JPEG, JPG, and PNG format.
  • Make your customization choices. This customization choices include the format, where you can choose the size format that you would like for your print. The Frame thickness – some canvas are available with the standard frame thickness of just 2cm and other formats will give you the option to choose XXL frame and this is about 4cm thick. The Edge design, Premium Frame, and effects
  • Step three (3) is the production process, this is the time where you are done with everything you need to do. The manufacturing process will take two-part operations; first is the printing process and second is the wrapping of your printed canvas on a wooden frame. Then you are done!